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  “Beaver Lodge June 2003”

Our first stay at Beaver Lodge in Mecosta County, Michigan. This gorgeous three-story log home was very much enjoyed by us all. The peaceful serenity being on Gorrell Lake with no one else around except the loons, what more could one ask for in a true vacation getaway. My husband Ramey and I, our son’s Evan, Jonathon and Rhett spent our first relaxing week here. Unfortunately our eldest son Christopher wasn’t able to join us as he had just been in a car accident a few weeks earlier and was to have knee surgery. We were to be celebrating his 19th birthday. Our good friends joined us for a few days with their daughter and a great time was had by all. Wonderful food, good times with family and friends. We realized this would be the beginning of many getaways to Beaver Lodge.

“Beaver Lodge June 2004”

Our 2nd getaway to Beaver Lodge! This year there were a few more along to enjoy the fun. Our son Christopher was finally able to experience the fun and brought a few friends as well to take in the magnificent beauty and relaxation of it all, with a few celebration nights mixed in as we celebrated his 20th birthday. Mealtimes are also a major event at the lodge and no need to wake anyone for breakfast as soon as the aromas drifted to the loft, the boys were awake and ready for the day. So many memorable moments, but the early morning coffee pontoon cruises on the lake with the loons were the best of all! Oh and the evening hot tub before you go to bed is great….you’ll sleep like a baby.

“Beaver Lodge July 4th week 2007”

Our 3rd time to Beaver Lodge and it only get’s better! We missed a few years due to some other vacations but we knew we’d be back eventually. Seems every time we go there is something new to enjoy as Steve and Kyu Hui Perialas are always adding more things to the lodge. We feel like we are apart of the Beaver Lodge family now. All the boys, or I should say men, were with us and Ramey’s brother, wife and their three children. We also had a fantastic 4th of July party and of course the food was great as always and yet another fun time was had by all. You have to stay at the lodge to get the true experience of the beauty and quiet that surrounds you.

“Beaver Lodge July 2009”

Well we haven’t made it up yet but we are now to the count down with one more week to go before our 4th anticipated stay at the lodge. Of course we are all excited. We will have a few less with us this time as our one son Rhett is in the U.S.S. Navy now and our other son Jonathon might be able to make it up for a few days as he is working full time. I will definitely be back to journal our stay. I can truly say that there is no other place in Michigan that can top Beaver Lodge if you are seeking privacy and the true beauty of northern Michigan in a lodge that has all the comforts of home and more, one could ask for.

The Dewey Family

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